We come up with solutions that work. Our work delivers tangible results for our clients.

The facts and figures speak for themselves.

However, due to confidentiality, we will keep the names of our clients’ companies to ourselves.

Efficiency gains for a logistics company

Our client, who provides logistics services, asked us to select and purchase lifting equipment. Given that this concerned a relatively large investment, we first wanted to understand the reasons for such a decision. We were told that a third forklift truck was needed to speed up the receipt and dispatch of goods. We agreed to corroborate this by undertaking a few analyses so as not to delay the selection procedure unnecessarily. It became clear within a matter of days that the tender for the purchase of the lifting equipment should not take place…


What did we do for the client?

  • We used ABC analysis to determine high-turnover goods that should be moved to lower locations.
  • By reducing unnecessary movements, the speed at which goods were picked accelerated by 21%.
  • In addition to setting warehouse zones, we also modified the algorithm for allocating warehouse orders.
  • We cancelled the purchase of the lifting equipment (saving CZK 1.8 million).
  • We continue to work with the client on other projects (quality, cyclical stock take, WMS inventory adjustment).

services for customers

Our client, who operates in the e-commerce segment, was registering an increasing number of complaints about the transport of goods in the B2C sector. We found that no KPIs had been set and that the carrier did not feel the need to improve. In addition, the carrier offered almost no additional services. As a result, a new carrier was selected. We defined the assignment and subsequently, over three rounds, selected a suitable carrier, one that provides an extended portfolio of services.


What did we do for the client?

  • Determined KPIs (lead time, loss ratio,…).
  • Accelerated delivery from 6 days to 3 days on average.
  • Significantly decreased customer complaints against the carrier.
  • Extended services for customers (selection of delivery date).
  • Replaced order transfer automation via API with the generation of CSV files.

Revived previously stagnant sales

Our client, a manufacturing company, requested the reorganisation of their production and storage facilities due to a planned expansion. Existing operations were making productivity gains impossible, resulting in stagnant sales. On the basis of various analyses and lean methodology, we recommended the relocation and expansion of production, as well as the merger of the warehouse for raw materials and finished products. A new slope rack system was installed in the warehouses. We also implemented an inventory management system.


What did we do for the client?

  • Productivity improvements of  8% .
  • Reduced intra-company transfers, resulting in fewer damaged goods.
  • Higher inventory turnover and more transparent receipt and dispatch of goods due to new warehouse. 
  • Elimination of supply failures due to the inventory management system, which led to an increase in service quality.
  • Increased company competitiveness. Our cooperation continues to develop and grow.