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We think laterally

Go to the next level with your business. We identify where your company’s growth potential lies and show you how to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Where is the room for improvement?


Strategies & finance

We want to know your story down to the last detail. With this information, we will come up with the best corporate and business strategies for your company for the coming years, including financing. We give your vision and company values real form. We are ready to be your right hand in reorganising your business.


Organisation and human resources

How do your employees perceive your company’s strategy? Are all noses facing in the same direction? We look into the daily operations of your company, then find and tap into the right energy to achieve the set goals. We aid the transition to a new model of work by training everyone, from the very top to the bottom, from the company’s management to the operator on the work floor.


Information technology

CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS – who should know all these abbreviations and names? We should and do. We monitor what the best technologies are on the market and recommend those suitable for your business. We don´t stop at the theory - we teach and explain everything to you. We are very aware of the fact that it is hard to imagine any company that doesn’t embrace information technologies.

Business operations

Business operations

Operations are hard to map from the comfort of an office chair. That’s why we come on-site! How else do you think we would find the right opportunities for efficiency gains and growth potential? To achieve this, we use modern technologies and tools, as well as the proven LEAN methodology.



Like many of the world’s top companies, it’s time to permanently incorporate sustainability into your business strategy. We analyse your operations and put forward a successful solution, one that takes into account both your budget and current legislation.

Hexathlon - 6 steps for success

1. První oťuknutí
1. Getting the feel

We make an appointment, either in person or online, and talk in general about your needs.

2. Nešetříme dotazy
2. Our curiosity abounds

When it’s our turn, we ask lots of questions about the possible and the impossible. In doing so, we jointly define the SMART goals of the project.

3. Ke startu připraveni
3. Ready, steady, go!

With the assignment determined, we set to work with vigour. We map the market, get to know your employees and penetrate the core of the company.

4. Navrhujeme cesty
4. Suggestions aplenty

When we have everything we need, we prepare and present a study of potential scenarios by the agreed deadline. It is only if you are in agreement with this and on future cooperation that you will then receive a price calculation for the implementation of the entire project.

5. Nečekáme, realizujeme
5. We don’t hang around, we act

Do we have a deal? Delays are not on the agenda, we start working on the agreed steps immediately and gradually tick them off the list.

6. Splněním úkolu to nekončí
6. It doesn’t end there

Although we may have crossed the finish line, one more thing awaits us. After the completion of your project, we will provide you with complete documentation and evaluate our cooperation, together. We are then ready to face the next challenge!

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